Love and the DSM by Sophie Dodd

It’s all tumbling down
Because we have half an army
I’m facedown with the rest
And you don’t find this alarming

Bliss in your ignorance
Blisters my innocence
And my blood boils to leave this scarring

Altered behaviours and distorted messages
Attempted relays of my country’s deficits
To take care and empathise
Evaluate and recognise
The harm of which they started

The majority are broken hearted
The disenfranchised now departing
Leaving the rest of us in the darkness
So yes, it’s safe to say our hope is tarnished

The sympomology you’re currently following
Natural conclusions I can’t face swallowing
For the capital
It’s magical
Another fucking happy pill
The vacant trail to apathy-vile
Can you feel the brave new world ?

Diagnostic-myths, factor-analysed fairytales
Dreams leading us down, underground
Into the dungeon
The curse of a slave is the spell that you’re under
Did you ever come to wonder how this life seems so hard?
Whilst you’re pouring money down the local bars
Wishing for fast cars and film stars
Canapés and caviar farce

I wait until the day you’re asking how we’ve got this far
When you too are bombarded
Just another to discover how the truth seems disregarded
When you are aware of how awareness has developed the darkest scarceness
Then we can forget the problem for the moment cos the cure is ours – it’s
The future in that this feeling is mutual
When the reason for being becomes crucial
Awake to the vision that this life is beautiful.


Published by EmotionalStates

Roy Coleman: Lecturer and Researcher at University of Liverpool, UK.

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