About States, Power, Emotion


States, Power, Emotion

Welcome to this collaborative Blog. This space will provide a broad forum for critical inquiry into the role and significance of emotion in contemporary societies. What is the role of emotion in both facilitating and challenging power, political relations and state projects?  How can we understand state and corporate power through the lens of emotional governance? We publish stuff that explores links between emotion, state intervention and political economy. We are also interested in politics of hope, fear and uncertainty; emotional power & justice; over-rationalized forms of living; our postemotional times; modern stresses, state violence and emotional harms. The thoughts and feelings of individuals reflected here are NOT representative of any particular institution.  

Among other things this Blog will relay matters concerning:

* The role of emotion in capitalist city building 

 * Emotional resonances of neoliberalism

 * Emotional power / emotional violence 

* The salience of emotion in legitimating particular forms of power (particularly class, racialised and gendered forms)

* The moral and moralizing dimensions of state power

 * Revanchism and the politics of vengeance  

 * The traumatizing affects of state violence (symbolic, bureaucratic mental, physical)

 * The role of emotional power in organizing / challenging injustice, oppressive social ordering   and violent states

 *  Visualizing emotional geographies   

Administrator Roy Coleman










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